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Company Profile

Beijing JZXY Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2001. The company is formed with development and manufacture engineers who have more than 20 years in the embedded electronic product development of the design and manufacturing of industrial control.

The purpose of operating companies is to service in China with the world's most advanced electronic products and improve product and industrial production level of intelligent control. The company has provided high-quality products and services for a large number of enterprises since it was established. We serve customers (part): Motorola, STMicroelectronics, Emerson Electrics, Tsinghua, FAW, DFMC, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Konka, Chery, delphi, Continental.

Embedded operating mainly electronic products:

  北京巨钟兴业科技发展有限公司P&E开发工具  P&E embedded systems development tools

The development tools produced by American PEMICRO Company include P & E to the interface (USB BDM Interface, BDM Multilink, Cyclone), hardware debug tools, programming tools. These products are principally used in embedded computer products and NXP intelligent microprocessor online development tool kit.

  北京巨钟兴业科技发展有限公司Cosmic编译器  COSMIC various compiler

Cosmic's product portfolio includes: C-language cross-compilers, assemblers, linkers, ANSI libraries, processor simulators, hardware debuggers and an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDEA). The products are principally used by enterprises which make various types of Intelligent Embedded Computer Products with NXP and the Italian-French semi-STMicroelectronics chips, such as automotive electronics, home appliances and industrial automation products.

    MetaGeek Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer tools

MetaGeek, LLC develops the award winning line of Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer tools that enable you to make Wi-Fi work the way it’s supposed to. Perfect for IT professionals who need to optimize their 802.11 a/b/g/n network, Wi-Spy takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting by graphically displaying the RF interference occurring in the airwaves.

  北京巨钟兴业科技发展有限公司无线传感器网络系统  Wireless sensor networks

At present there are procucts of point-to-multipoint or the communications between the two of WSN24 series wireless sensor network system, using advanced ZigBee wireless network protocols and chips work in the license-exempt 2.4 GHz band, more than six months since the development and testing of March 2005 the successful development of advanced Microsoft software advanced. The wireless system in the short distance transmission is low cost, small power consumption, suitable for long-term battery power. The product has powerful wireless capabilities - two-way, and automatic configuration, automatic recovery and advanced power management, which will be able to meet the needs of all kinds of flu sensor data output and input control orders and information. System design allows for the use of third-party sensors, the implementation of devices or low-bandwidth data sources, and it network with the existing sensor systems to make the existing system networking, and wireless. Main applications are: monitoring temperature and humidity, pressure and flow, and other arbitrary process control data acquisition, industrial control, building automation, refrigeration monitoring, equipment monitoring, community Security.