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WSN24-Link series of wireless sensor networks

WSN24-Link series of wireless sensor networks is wireless data transmission network, which is designed to base on the IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee technology standards and network protocol and the design of. The system has been used for steelmaking steel temperature monitoring; vegetable sheds temperature, humidity and soil pH monitoring, gas meter readers, and other fields. WSN24-Link system is the short-distance, low-data-rate wireless sensor networks which has low cost of radio frequency transmission., It is suitable for long-term battery ,for each node only need very little energy .It Can achieve a point-to-multipoint, and the communications between the two , rapid automatic network configuration, automatic recovery and advanced power management. Sensors arbitrary mutual coordination can achieve data communications. It is mainly used for short-distance wireless system connection and supply sensors or secondary instrument duplex wireless network access. It is able to meet the various sensor data input and output control orders and the needs of the existing information system to make the existing system Networking, and wireless . System design allows for the use of third-party sensors, the implementation of devices or low-bandwidth data sources.

Main application

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Pressure Process Control Data Acquisition
  • Flow process control data acquisition
  • Industrial control
  • Building Automation
  • Data Center
  • Refrigerant Monitor
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Community Security
  • Environmental data can be detected
  • Monitoring cargo warehouse

System features

Stellate, mesh topology

Zigbee network protocol support

WSN24 series wireless sensor networks support Zigbee network protocol, data transmission in a multi-level handshake way to ensure accurate and reliable data transmission. It Uses 2.4 GHz,with the power of small, flexible, in line with the requirements of environmental protection in line with international norms approved by the GM without.

Efficient network configuration flexibility

WSN24 series wireless sensor network system is very easy-efficient configuration, and network access isflexible and convenient, for several dozens or hundreds units available and a maximum of up to six million units. Sensors can be placed in the needs of local arbitrary layout without power and data lines, and it is very easy to increase and decrease data points. In the absence of data lines to eliminate the cost Integrated Cabling, wireless sensor networks is easy to use, and the installation cost is very low.

Node low power consumption

System node low power consumption, long battery life, support for the implementation of various types of sensors and devices.

Bidirectional transmission of data and control commands

Not only can output data from the network node, and two-way communication functions can spread control orders to sensors connected to Wireless terminals, wireless routers, but also data can be sent to the network and control remote equipment.

Rapid simple automatic configuration

WSN24 series wireless sensor networks terminal automatically configure when the terminal equipment to green LED, that the terminal in the network system.

Reliability of the system-wide automatic recovery

Built-in redundancy million guarantees that if a node is not in the network, node data will be automatically routed to a replacement joints to ensure a reliable system stability.

Systems products and services

In order to build the actual users of wireless data network system needs, it can provide a complete solution. It includes the existing data system interface conversion, the data management platform. Constant technical support includes new sensors, 4-20 mA input and RS-232, etc

Main Specifications

Performance Parameters name Performance Parameters
Band 2.4-2.483GHz
Communications protocol standards IEEE802.15.4
Network topology Mesh, stellate
Modulation DSSS(O-QPSK)
Data transfer rate 250KBps
Communication range 75m,1000m
Receiver sensitivity -94dBm
Addressing modes IEEE 64-bit addresses, eight network address
Data Encryption 128-bit AES
Error checking CRC-16/32
Channel Access CSMA-CA and the slot of the CSMA-CA
Channel few 16
Communication delay 15ms (activation or Channel Access), 30 ms (search equipment)
Interface 14-pin cable, RS-232/485
Temperature -40-85℃
Power 3X1.5V (AAA batteries)
Power Dissipation 50mW-200mW