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WSN24 wireless module

WSN24 wireless module is mainly for sensor equipment and instrument manufacturers. Users can directly embed WSN24 wireless sensor module into equipment and instrumentation to make the existing equipment network , wireless. Standard wireless module provides industry standard RS-232 interface and other interface converter can be arbitrarily set in accordance with users' requirements. communications transmitted using the IEEE 802.15.4. Sensor equipment and instrument of the wireless network can be greatly upgrade existing equipment and instrumentation sensors and grade level. Accompanied by a wireless router and server can be a complete wireless data transmission and control of wireless sensor networks. Have wireless-enabled products on site is very convenient, and removed the integrated wiring problems.

Integrated wireless control panel Independent wireless module and the control panel


Industry standard RS-232 interface and a low-power design

Support based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard star of the short-range wireless mesh network

Network access, flexibility, convenience and several dozens or hundreds Taiwan may, for a maximum of 60,000 Taiwan

Data transmission in a multi-level handshake way to ensure accurate and reliable data transmission

Using 2.4 GHz, the power of small, flexible, in line with the requirements of environmental protection in line with international norms approved by the GM without

Main Specifications

Performance Parameters name Performance Parameters
Band 2.4-2.483GHz
Communications protocol standards IEEE 802.15.4
Network topology Mesh, stellate
Modulation DSSS (O-QPSK)
Data transfer rate 250KBps
Communication range 75m - 100m (barrier-free linear visualization, 500 m being developed)
Receiver sensitivity -94 dBm
Addressing modes IEEE 64-bit addresses, eight network address
Data Encryption 128-bit AES
Error checking CRC-16/32
Channel Access CSMA-CA and the slot of the CSMA-CA
Channel few 16
Communication delay 15ms (activation or Channel Access), 30 ms (search equipment)
Interface 14-pin cable, RS-232/485
Temperature -40-85℃
Power 3X1.5V (AAA batteries)
Power Dissipation 50mW-200mW