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Example 1: Precision wireless temperature monitoring system

The system consists of high-precision temperature sampling technology, wireless network transmission, temperature display large-management software and a PC. Sampling equipment used high-precision temperature measurement accuracy sampling technique is very high. Wireless sensor networks for data transmission system installation, lower maintenance costs and ease of system expansion, particularly suitable for the environment in the field of governance.

temperature sampling

Main performance indicator system

1. Sampling temperature

Temperature detection accuracy: 0.02 ℃

Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃

Temperature range :0-100 ℃

2. PC software

With monthly output data reporting features

Can show that the temperature curve, and the time

interval optional parameters.

A sound and light alarm functions, and the police,

the threshold can be set up.

For user-friendly. Wireless coordinator and computer console

3. Temperature display

Temperature through IPC, storage and operation.

By the temperature difference between the current temperature can be shown that visual display screen.

Example 2: Steel batching system

The system is modular wireless collection terminal (with external interfaces), a wireless network transmission, operation of the display screen and a PC management software. Industrial Field achieve a wide range of data collection, transmission, processing centralized, industrial automation monitoring and control of the scene, complete the packing, iron, and steel scrap, weighing the value orbit control signal transmission, show that the information feedback.

Block diagram of system components:

System Main features:

Showing various screen work and the current state of data. Data collection, management, analysis.

Grading operations management information to send or receive. A multi-level alarm, enquiry function.

Steel wireless coordinator batching system

Example 3: water quality monitoring plant

Block diagram of system

System Main Features

The system uses sensors to detect water component of water quality monitoring data through wireless data transmission devices, sampling data for 4-20 mA DC output terminal to the wireless A / D after sending, output data transmitted via a wireless network to monitor the D Center / A conversion after the 4-20 mA output displayed on multi-point conversion arbitrary detection accuracy of ± 0.5%.

The coordination and the four-way 4-20 mA output

1 Road, 4-20 mA input wireless terminals

Example 4: multiple wireless sensor networks

Network1 Network2 Network3

System Main Features

Can be applied to the same scene multiple network environment. Various networks operate independently, multiple applications can be realized network operating system independent.

The three groups have been shipped network equipment