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本公司提供PE产品中国地区维修服务,例如 USB-ML-12,USB-ML-MON08,Cyclone Pro,Cyclone Max,USB-ML-Universal,USB-ML-Universal-FX,USB-ML-CFE,USB-ML-16/32,USB-ML-PPCBDM,USB-ML-PPCNEXUS,CABLE_CFLV,CABLE_PPC,CABLE_16/32等。


Pemicro 产品下载:

P&E Hardware Interface Drivers:

P&E Hardware Interface Drivers, Version 12 (Win XP/Vista/7/8/10)
(5660 KB)

Adds support for Windows 10. Installs P&E drivers to allow applications to communicate with P&E hardware. Please note that not all hardware may be supported for your OS. This does not include the application level support which comes with the different products. Administrator privilege is now required. 12.3 fixes bug for users transitioning to Windows 10.
  • drivers_12_install.rar

  • Technical Summary:

  • Technical Summary for CABLEPPC.pdf
  • Technical summary for ColdFire CABLE.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-1632.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-MON08.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-PPCBDM.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-PPCNEXUS.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-UNIVERSAL.pdf
  • Technical summary for USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX.pdf