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(又称U-CYCLONE-FX,cyclone universal fx)

Advanced all-in-one program/debug/test interface for many ARM Cortex & NXP 8/16/32-bit devices.
烧写、调试和测试多合一开发工具用于NXP 8/16/32 和ARM Cortex 系列芯片。在烧写速度、加密和存储性能进一步提升。

  • 支持的芯片系列: Kinetis/S32, HCS08, RS08, HC(S)12(X), S12Z, ColdFire V1/+V1, ColdFire V2-4, Qorivva MPC5xxx, DSC, HC08, MPC 5xx/8xx, STMicroelectronics' SPC56,ARM Cortex 系列,以及STM8(with STM8 adapter)、Infineon(部分)和Renesas(with Renesas adapter
  • 脱机烧写 - 联机操作和脱机操作,两种操作方式
  • 基础自动控制 - 通过计算机进行 SDK, Console, and GUI 控制
  • 多种接口方式- USB,串口和以太网口三种计算机接口
  • LCD液晶触摸屏
  • 供电管理- 通过继电器控制Cyclone "power-in" a和 "power-out"口的供电。也可通过调试排线向目标板供电
  • 自动计数 和 共享序列号
  • Ethernet Based Debugging- Compatible with many development IDEs
  • 编程控制接口 - 通过10-pin 接口控制编程启动,获取状态或显示结果
Cyclone FX 特有高级功能:
  • 高速通讯 - 下载速率可达 75 Mbits/s
  • 存储空间 - 1G内存,可存储200+脱机文件
  • 目标电流和电压测量
  • ProCryption安全性 - RSA./AES 加密、限制编程次数或日期等
  • 高级自动控制 -包含 Gang Programming 和 Dynamic Data Programming等
  • 扩展内存 - SDHC接口支持SDHC卡,可满足更大存储需求
Renesas adapter for CYCLONE-FX-UNIV
  • The adapter plugs into Port C and Port E of the Cyclone and connects to the target via a 14-pin ribbon cable (included with the Cyclone FX Universal).

Cyclone LC Control Advanced Automation License

  • Simultaneously (Gang) Control of multiple Cyclones via the USB, Serial, or Ethernet connections
  • Add/Remove/Update many images in the Cyclone (Console, SDK, GUI)
  • Program (and Read) Dynamic Data in addition to fixed image data
  • Specify Overlay Program Data
  • Compare images against a SAP file

SD Card Port Activation License for Cyclone LC

  • 安装在Cyclone LC上激活SDHC端口
注:仅包含license,SDHC card 需单独购买
32 GB Encryped SDHC Flash Card for Cyclone
  • Easily be moved from Cyclone to Cyclone.
  • 32GB Encryptyed Cyclone SDHC Card is pre-formatted, tested, and certified to work with CYCLONE programmers.
注:需配套SDHC port License使用
Cyclone LC Protected and Encrypted SAP Image Activation License
    It allows users to place protection on their programming images to restrict image use by date range or number of programs allowed. It also allows users to create RSA/AES encrypted programming images that use their own uniquely generated ImageKey. These images may only be used to program targets on Cyclones that are pre-configured with this unique ImageKey. This license keeps the user securely in control of both their IP and the programming process.
  • Restrict Image Use
  • Keep Programming Images Secure
  • Encryption is Easy To Implement and Manage

Cyclone for Renesas(已停产)
Stand-Alone In-Circuit Programmer for Renesas

P&E Multilink Cable硬件调试交互式转换接口和脱机烧写设备

  • Cyclone for Renesas已经停止生产