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14-Pin Berg to 38-Pin Mictor Adaptor


26-pin Synchronous ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter


STM8 6-pin to ERNI adapter for CYCLONE-LC-UNIV and CYCLONE-FX-UNIV

    This optional adapter converts from a standard 6-pin target header to a 4-pin ERNI connector. The adapter plugs into the 6-pin header (PORT F) on your Cyclone_Universal or Cyclone_Universal_FX. See the CYCLONE or CYCLONE FX user manuals for pin-out signals and additional information.

Renesas adapter for CYCLONE-FX-UNIV
  • The adapter plugs into Port C and Port E of the Cyclone and connects to the target via a 14-pin ribbon cable (included with the Cyclone FX Universal).
Multilink Adapter for RS08 devices
  • the adapter connects to the 16-pin header (Port E) of the Multink Universal. The adapter then offers a 6-pin header for connection to the target via ribbon cable.

JTAG_SWD Adpater

Cyclone MAX adapter module, provides mini-10 and mini-20 connectors for JTAG/SWD

The ARM Cortex Adapter is used to connect a mini-10 or mini-20 pin ribbon cable to a standard Kinetis debug header, such as that on P&E's Cyclone MAX programmer. It includes a mini-20 pin ribbon cable.


4-Pin ERNI Ribbon Cable for STM8

  • This is an 8-inch ribbon cable with 4-pin ERNI connector, compatible with PEmicro's Cyclone for STMicro (used with STM8 devices).


DB-25 6-Ft. M/F Extension Cable




DB-9 6-Ft. M/F Extension Cable




10 -ft. Ethernet Cable




10-Pin 0.05 inch pitch Ribbon Cable for Kinetis




10 -Pin, 9-Inch Ribbon Cable for 68HC16/683xx/Power Architecture 5xx/8xx




14 -Pin, 9-Inch Ribbon Cable for MCORE or Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx




16 -Pin , 9-InchRibbon Cable for 68HC08 (MON08) Connections




20-Pin 0.05 inch pitch Ribbon Cable for Kinetis



26-Pin Ribbon Cable for ColdFire

26-pin female-to-female ribbon cable for ColdFire V2/3/4

  • 26-pin female-to-female ribbon cable for ColdFire V2/3/4 devices. Please note that this ribbon cable cannot be used with devices that instead require a synchronous cable adapter, such as the MCF5272, MCF5206, and MCF5206E.

    USB 2.0 High Speed Cable, Type A to Type B




    USB 2.0 Extension Cable, 6 Ft., Type A Male to Type A Female



    32 GB Encryped SDHC Flash Card for Cyclone

      This allows users to add expandable and easily swappable storage for their programming images. Adding one or more SD cards to your programming setup can give you added flexibility, while encryption helps keep your IP safe. An SD card can easily be moved from Cyclone to Cyclone. Our 32GB Encryptyed Cyclone SDHC Card is pre-formatted, tested, and certified to work with CYCLONE FX programmers.


    Cyclone Power Supply Replacement Part

    This 5.9V power supply is compatible with all of our Cyclone stand alone programmers.

    Cyclone PowerPACK

    Rechargeable Lithium Ion PowerPack for Cyclone Pro and Cyclone Max

    The battery pack has a capacity of 25 Watt-hours and the Cyclone unit typically requires 3 Watts.