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Cyclone for Renesas
Stand-Alone In-Circuit Programmer for Renesas

  • Supported for Renesas R8C, RL78 (Rev. C Only), RX600 (Rev. C Only), M16C/M32C, and H8 families
  • USB, Serial, and Ethernet interfaces(Windows 2000/XP/Vista /7/8)
  • can program, test, or debug internal memory on a Renesas processor or external flash connected to the processor's address/data bus.
  • Stand-alone Operation
  • Multiple programming images may be stored in Cyclone memory.
  • The Cyclone for Renesas may be pre-programmed with a non-volatile programming image and controlled via the LCD/Buttons or remotely from a PC.
  • Accompanying Software and Utilities

    Cyclone IP Setup Utility

    Cyclone Image Creation Utility

    Cyclone Launch Utility